Showcase your product offerings in an interactive and relatable way

A client wanted to showcase their product selection and experience capabilities and how they might fit in to a day in the life of one of their consumer personas. The consumer journey had to address the pain points of the given persona while also shedding light on how the client’s products were able to provide innovative solutions to solve each pain point. The client’s audience had to step in to the shoes of their persona and evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed solutions given a day in the life experience.

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Project Highlights

  • MDG completed a series of initial storyboarding while keeping the consumer pain-points top of mind
  • Once a storyboard had been finalized, engaging motion and static visuals were implemented to provide a visual representation to tie the story together
  • The experience was nicely highlighted by the day in the life and showcased the client’s value-add in an effective manner

Our Approach

    • Experience The experience for this particular project had to be perfected in order to adequately showcase the value add of the client’s offerings.
    • Feedback Loop Contact with the client and frequent check-ins regarding the storyboard contents were essential for this project. To ensure we were hitting the mark, each visual component was assessed during review and approved individually. Content adjustments were made on an as-needed basis to deliver on the perfect vision of the client’s product portfolio.
    • Design The storyboard required a relatable and engaging design to give the client’s consumer a realistic portrayal of what a day in the life truly entailed. The design had to be easy to follow while still providing the client with the necessary information.
    • Development Development work took place within Adobe design programs for both the motion and static graphics. Back-end development work was then implemented to incorporate all of our elements into a microsite that the user could interact with and directly influence the day in the life as they saw fit.

The Result

Upon completion, the client was able to present a full-scale story board that showcased their product offerings in a unique day in the life model. This provided the client’s prospect with a great representation of exactly how their offerings would be utilized at the prospect’s given space. The motion graphics and microsite added an extra layer of relatability and interactivity to boost the aspect of shared experience.

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