Transforming data into something beautiful and comprehensible

Looking at charts and data sets aren’t pretty. At times, they may not even answer the questions or problems one may be looking to solve.

That’s where we came in – MDG’s thought process was “Everyone is a visual learner – dashboards must be simple, beautiful, and actionable.”

A client approached us with a vast set of their data points to be transformed into an aesthetically pleasing dashboard/visual that could easily be digested by all.

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Project Highlights

  • We vetted the client on what pain points they were looking to solve based on what KPIs are typically evaluated
  • The data set was integrated into our creative program
  • MDG created a visually pleasing dashboard / visual based on the key KPIs the client wanted to be represented
  • Data was automatically updated on the back-end to provide the client with relevant and up-to-date data

Our Approach

    • Experience The platform had to be evaluated via critical UX analysis to ensure the user could easily extrapolate any conclusions with ease when looking at the visual representations of their data. The platform was simple to use and understand for the client and helped with critical decision-making instances.
    • Feedback Loop When presenting mockups and initial models of our data visualizations, we kept an open stream of communication with our client. Our client provided us with great feedback regarding how the data was being presented, the general look and feel of the visualization and the ease of use from a user perspective. User testing is a critical component in everything we do as we always strive towards delivering the perfect product.
    • Design The design of the platform was critical for this initiative. The evaluation and success of this project directly relied on the ability to understand how we were presenting the clients data in both a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing manner. The design was implemented visually-captivating elements that were sure to catch the user’s eye while ensuring they could find the answers they needed within seconds.
    • Development The heavy-lifting of the development work revolved around the integration of data sets into our design platform. Once integrated, some back-end coding work was necessary to create the visuals and interactivity of the platform. The platform had to be able to receive inputs from the user to provide them with the outputs that mattered for a given use case.

The Result

MDG delivered a full-scale data dashboard/visual representation of the clients data set. Intriguing visual representations of data, platform interactivity, and back-end development to keep the platform up-to-date were all implemented to provide the client with meaningful data representation. This data has proven to be essential to the client’s decision makers as they now had access to their KPIs in a visually appealing format and decreased the amount of time spent on crunching numbers with legacy data-evaluation methods.

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