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Our client within the hospitality space wanted a new and refreshing way of training their associates within their kitchen environments. The module had to be informative regarding the handling of food and kitchen equipment for staff that was to be onboarded. The client opted for virtual reality training that would allow their oncoming associates to be comfortable with the kitchen space before ever stepping foot on the premises.

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Project Highlights

  • MDG worked closely with the client’s safety and risk team to generate requirements for the interactive training
  • The team conducted a brainstorming session to formulate engaging ways to portray a variety food and kitchen safety concepts
  • Engaging motion graphics were produced and embedded within a digital twin of the client’s kitchen space that would eventually be utilized as a key part of the kitchen staff’s interactive training process

02Our Approach

    • Experience The goal of this initiative was to improve upon the current experience of the client’s training modules and informational videos. The experience generated from the VR experience needed to be engaging, accessible, and had to educate the associate so they would feel confident regarding safety protocols while heading into their food-service position.
    • Feedback Loop MDG maintained contact with the safety and risk team to generate requirements and provide updates on the VR application’s progress. Communication with the S&R team was critical to the project’s success as we had to ensure the digital twin included the proper information that set up their employees for success. As more staff members utilized the program, we were able to make informative decisions based on staff-engagement to further refine the training modules via engagement.
    • Design We wanted the VR space to replicate the kitchen as much as possible. This process included taking high resolution and accurate renderings of the kitchen space by leveraging 360 degree cameras. The embedded video designs had to be informative and engaging to provide new hires with a unique onboarding experience.
    • Development Our motion graphic experts utilized a variety of animation and video programs to produce the final product. Once the informative content was finalized, the digital twin of the space along withe the motion graphics produced enhanced the teaching of the learning modules provided to us.

The Result

The final product provided the client’s safety and risk team with an engaging and unique virtaul reality experience that would instantly elevate their training and onboarding process. Legacy training videos were given a refresh with relevant information and intriguing design elements that were sure to resonate more effectively with an associate. Of course, the most important measure of success was the level of confidence around safety protocol within the food-service environment to provide the client’s guests with the best hygienic experience - without ever stepping foot within the kitchen itself.

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