Fully immersive sales pitches that will "Wow" your prospects

Mixed Reality is a fresh space that has been picking up serious traction within the past few years. A client wanted to take their sales pitches for implementing a variety of their enterprise solutions and products into a space to the next level. Rather than utilizing a static presentation method such as a slide deck or static marketing collateral – the client wanted an engaging and immersive way to give their prospect an idea of what an implementation of their solutions may look like.

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Project Highlights

  • MDG took panoramic snap shots of a space with a 360-degree camera
  • This space was imported into a design software in which other design elements could be implemented within the mapped space
  • A final product that immersed a user into a VR/AR space allowed the prospect to have a more genuine idea of what it would feel like to have our client’s solutions implemented into their space

Our Approach

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    • Experience Our mixed reality capabilities are all about the experience. The experience is said to be fully-immersive to provide a prospect with a realistic image of their space with what our client is trying to sell / accomplish with the demonstration. The user should be able to interact with key selling points and leave with an impressionable mark that will provide them with a wow factor while still being extremely informative and insightful.
    • Feedback Loop The feedback loop consists of testing out the final renderings that our VR wizards come up with. Ensuring that all imagery, imported media, and other elements run smoothly and look natural within the VR space are critical to give the client a premier and realistic product.
    • Design Design components are prevalent within mixed reality initiatives as the user needs to feel as if they are interacting with their space as they may see it today. Accurate renderings and detailed design elements will only make the mixed reality product more immersive and realistic.


    • Development Development of the solution is done within our VR mapping software. The process is detailed and ensures a high-quality and cutting edge result. In some use cases, we are able to implement the VR mapping into a micro site for other various pursuits.


The Result

Our mixed reality pitch capabilities offer a truly one of a kind experience that will provide a new dimension to any sales pitch. Concepts being sold by our clients can now be fully immersed into their prospects space to add an extra layer of realism that a static slide deck can’t typically achieve. This sales method gives the prospect a more memorable and informative experience.

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