Small sites that paint the big picture

Our client within the hospitality space wanted an engaging way to pitch their product offerings to a business prospect. Traditional slide decks can be effective, however, they do not offer a differentiating “wow” factor that most prospects expect. The client wanted to elevate their sales pitch process by providing content in the form of a simple website that would be an element of their larger sales pitch.

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Project Highlights

  • The client provided us with a brief of what product offerings were being pitched to their prospects
  • The team began creating mockups for the site and maintained communication with the client to ensure requirements were being met
  • A microsite was produced that adequately showcased the client’s product offerings and service capabilities when deployed into the prospect’s space

Our Approach

    • Experience When creating the microsite, we wanted to adopt the mindset of the prospect and think about what pain points they would be most interested in. The user experience had to be flawless and keep the prospect intrigued with engaging content. The end-goal of the microsite was to provide the prospect with self-paced pitch content to ultimately reinforce the initial pitch done by our client.
    • Feedback Loop A continuous feedback loop is critical for any website initiative. We ensured that we met regularly with the client to gather requirements and receive feedback on site design and content to ensure the microsite was in-line with their sales pitch and provided their prospect with all necessary information. After feedback was received, we implemented the requested changes.
    • Design A series of site mockups were created and presented to the client to refine the design of the finalized and approved layout. The design of the site had to be simple – with site navigation being top of mind, so the prospect could be informed of our client’s offerings.
    • Development Our in-house coding team leveraged site-building tools to develop the site. Continuous testing allowed the team to address issues head-on to provide the client’s prospect with a seamless site experience.

The Result

The client provided their prospect with an engaging and informative microsite. This allowed the prospect to have additional pitch content that they could explore in a self-paced manner. The complementary microsite content added an extra sales element to the client’s pitch. The interactive aspect of the site provided the prospect with a sense of connection to what service and products they can potentially implement into their space.

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