Providing top-tier service at all times via SMS automation

Our client within the hospitality space wanted to be able to provide top-tier service while being in as many conversations with their guests as possible. Since text messaging is the most popular form of communication currently, it only made sense to make this functionality as convenient as possible for service-related needs. The client wanted to give their guests the capability to request services and implement an automated solution to assess their needs or escalate to an associate if needed.

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Project Highlights

  • Initiated a vetting process to formulate common guest requests for the given client’s space
  • Integrated questions / requests into a Chatbot solution
  • Guests were able to interact with the chatbot to address FAQs or speak to an associate with ease if their questions could not be addressed

Our Approach

    • Experience Guests accessed this innovative experience in the palm of their hands via standard SMS text messaging. The chatbot needed to execute natural and engaging conversations that addressed the needs of the client’s guests. If the Chatbot was unsuccessful in addressing the user’s needs – an escalation process was to be initiated.
    • Feedback Loop User testing was critical for this initiative as chatbots are only as good as the back-end training and response sequencing within the software. Once all major issues were reported and resolved – the testing process would then resume to ensure the chatbot could either sufficiently handle or escalate to human assistance with success.
    • Design The design component revolved around the accessibility, aesthetics, and readability of the Chatbot messages. The user had to be able to clearly decipher responses – this included simple-to-read messages, organized and streamlined response layout, and engaging emojis and language that provided a relatable feel to the conversational AI’s interface.
    • Development All development was done in-house by our coding wizards to create a perfectly crafted and personalized experience for the client’s guests. Chatbot curation, operator communication regarding requests/questions, and eventual integration into the client’s space were key steps in the deployment process.

The Result

Once deployed, our client’s guests were able to adequately ask the chatbot questions regarding their space. This solution provided measurable time savings for both the guests and operators of the space by allowing an automated solution to step in and take the lead on otherwise repeatable tasks. The SMS platform allowed for an extremely accessible platform for the consumer and provided a simple solution for common guest questions while still having the option to speak with an associate if preferred.

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