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A client requested that we create a slide deck that was visually pleasing and contained an engaging story. In this case, all design and content-related aspects of the presentation were requirements for the team. Design content had to be eye-catching and all content had to flow properly from a content-hierarchy perspective to ensure the intended message was being received.

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Project Highlights

  • MDG vetted the client to put together a requirements list - included content and design must-haves
  • A general content and design layout was formulated and approved by the client
  • Presentation was completed and served it’s purpose during the client’s initiative

Our Approach

    • Experience Like most slide decks, the experience was rather static for this particular project. We had to make sure that the content on the slides contained an engaging story that the viewer could relate to and draw from shared experience via the physical slides and talk track during the presentation.
    • Feedback Loop Contact with the client and frequent check-ins regarding the slide contents were essential for this project. To ensure we were hitting the mark, each slide was assessed during review and approved individually. Content adjustments were made on an as-needed basis to deliver on the perfect vision of the client’s presentation.
    • Design The design step is critical in every project we spearhead, however, it is especially critical when creating pitch decks. A viewer can almost immediately tell if a pitch deck was put together with a low amount of effort. A pitch deck needs to wow the viewer with engaging visuals while still maintaining high readability so the story can be fully comprehended.
    • Development The development process took place within our standard pitch deck softwares. Elements utilized within PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator were key in this step.

The Result

MDG delivered on the pitch deck initiative by supplying our client with an engaging presentation that contained effective visuals and a captivating story line. The client believed the presentation tied their story together with the help of a visual representation for their audience.

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