Motion Graphics

SMS digital concierge

Our client within the hospitality space wanted to be able to provide top-tier service while being in as many conversations with their guests as possible. Since text messaging is the most popular form of communication currently, it only made sense to make this functionality as convenient as possible for service-related needs. The client wanted to give their guests the capability to request services and implement an automated solution to assess their needs or escalate to an associate if needed.

Mixed Reality is a fresh space that has been picking up serious traction within the past few years. A client wanted to take their sales pitches for implementing a variety of their enterprise solutions and products into a space to the next level. Rather than utilizing a static presentation method such as a slide deck or static marketing collateral – the client wanted an engaging and immersive way to give their prospect an idea of what an implementation of their solutions may look like.

A client wanted to showcase their product selection and experience capabilities and how they might fit in to a day in the life of one of their consumer personas. The consumer journey had to address the pain points of the given persona while also shedding light on how the client’s products were able to provide innovative solutions to solve each pain point. The client’s audience had to step in to the shoes of their persona and evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed solutions given a day in the life experience.

Our client within the hospitality space wanted a new and refreshing way of training their associates within their kitchen environments. The module had to be informative regarding the handling of food and kitchen equipment for staff that was to be onboarded. The client opted for virtual reality training that would allow their oncoming associates to be comfortable with the kitchen space before ever stepping foot on the premises.

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