Pitch Kits

A client wanted to showcase their product selection and experience capabilities and how they might fit in to a day in the life of one of their consumer personas. The consumer journey had to address the pain points of the given persona while also shedding light on how the client’s products were able to provide innovative solutions to solve each pain point. The client’s audience had to step in to the shoes of their persona and evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed solutions given a day in the life experience.

A client requested that we create a slide deck that was visually pleasing and contained an engaging story. In this case, all design and content-related aspects of the presentation were requirements for the team. Design content had to be eye-catching and all content had to flow properly from a content-hierarchy perspective to ensure the intended message was being received.

Our client within the FinTech space wanted to create an engaging site that would act as a sales pitch for a product that would act as a conduit to gain necessary capital funding for a larger go-to market initiative. The client wanted to tell a complex story via the site about retail and institutional investments that would ultimately back a larger platform.

Our client within the hospitality space wanted an engaging way to pitch their product offerings to a business prospect. Traditional slide decks can be effective, however, they do not offer a differentiating “wow” factor that most prospects expect. The client wanted to elevate their sales pitch process by providing content in the form of a simple website that would be an element of their larger sales pitch.

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