Rapid Prototypes

A client was looking for ways to eliminate a major pain-point for their employees. Because this client offered free coffee and pastries with a fully staffed barista experience, lines tended to be astronomical. It was a nightmare for the staff to manage, and was cutting into employment productivity.

Looking at charts and data sets aren’t pretty. At times, they may not even answer the questions or problems one may be looking to solve.

That’s where we came in – MDG’s thought process was “Everyone is a visual learner – dashboards must be simple, beautiful, and actionable.”

A client approached us with a vast set of their data points to be transformed into an aesthetically pleasing dashboard/visual that could easily be digested by all.

SMS digital concierge

Our client within the hospitality space wanted to be able to provide top-tier service while being in as many conversations with their guests as possible. Since text messaging is the most popular form of communication currently, it only made sense to make this functionality as convenient as possible for service-related needs. The client wanted to give their guests the capability to request services and implement an automated solution to assess their needs or escalate to an associate if needed.

Our client within the FinTech space wanted to create an engaging site that would act as a sales pitch for a product that would act as a conduit to gain necessary capital funding for a larger go-to market initiative. The client wanted to tell a complex story via the site about retail and institutional investments that would ultimately back a larger platform.

Our client within the hospitality space wanted an engaging way to pitch their product offerings to a business prospect. Traditional slide decks can be effective, however, they do not offer a differentiating “wow” factor that most prospects expect. The client wanted to elevate their sales pitch process by providing content in the form of a simple website that would be an element of their larger sales pitch.

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